Stage yoga et méditation de pleine conscience
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What’s the concept behind Chateau Zen?

The Château Zen holiday concept was crafted by a team of therapists comprising naturopaths, sports and business coaches, psychologists, and yoga masters. Our mission is to provide the modern man or woman with a unique, unusual holiday package which encourages alternative thinking and allows full, unparalleled exercise and relaxation opportunities… In lush natural surroundings, away from the urban hustle and bustle, we designed a unique and secluded place where you can finally fully relax and safely go vegetarian with the best and most thoroughly screened local organic produce.

There’s no denying the fact that the ever-increasing rhythm of modern corporate and family life can take a toll on our health. Stress levels are at an all-time high, and sleeping disorders more and more widespread.

Whether you’re on a health-focused holiday or simply going for a romantic getaway, let the magic of the Chateau Zen surroundings sink in; forget your everyday troubles and truly live in the moment… It really isn’t that hard to fully reconnect with your mind and body. Château Zen is dedicated to offer and all-inclusive, beautifully intense, deep and holistic vacation experience. You deserve the priceless, unforgettable break that we love to provide our customers with.

Do you have pamphlets describing the accomodation offer at Château Zen?

You can download our PDF brochure in the PRESS section of the website. Don’t hesitate to email us at We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
What environmental initiatives is Chateau Zen commited to?
Chateau Zen cares about our planet. Our vegetarian breakfasts are fully organic, and we strive to procure all our produce locally. Our organic waste is composted daily and recycled in our own gardens. All cleaning products we use are fully organic.

Do you have corporate packages?

Château Zen is an ideal place for team building or strategic planning sessions. Contact us at and we’ll work out the best suited option for your company’s needs.

How do I make a booking?

You have 2 options:

- By phone : if you’re in France, dial 04 67 71 85 38 (regular local call rate), and if you’re abroad, dial +33 4 67 71 85 38 (international call rates apply)

- Via Internet: fill in our booking form here :

How do I check, modify or cancel a booking?

Bookings at Château Zen are firm. Should you wish to modify or cancel a reservation, one night will be charged. If you wish to modify or cancel your booking, call us at the following number: 04 67 71 85 38 (regular local call rate)

Which languages are spoken at Château Zen (reception desk and yoga instructors)?

We speak French, English and Spanish.

Do you have more romantic or quiet suites?

All of our suites offer the same levels of comfort and peace. Don’t worry, they are all as romantic as it gets!

Can I access the Internet at Château Zen?

Yes, we have a room dedicated to Internet access.

Are the bedrooms equipped with WiFi?

To remain consistent in trying to provide you with the most quiet, pollution-free environment, we decided to avoid WiFi waves altogether at Château Zen.

Is it allowed to smoke in some of the rooms?

In order to consistently provide our customers with a pollution-free, pure environment, it is stricly forbidden to smoke on the entire castle’s grounds.

Where can I park my car? How much does it cost?

We provide free parking facilities for all our customers.

Where can I rent a car?

We’ve struck good deals with reliable car rental services. Contact us at for more information.

Do you have a private shuttle service between the Château and the railroad station or the airport? Gare / Aéroport ?

We have a paying shuttle service available at both the Montpellier train station and at the airport. Contact us at for more information.

Do you have a baggage deposit service?

Yes, we can safely store your belongings at the reception/boutique area of the Château.

Can I check out later?

Late check outs are possible when available. Please get in touch with the management to check availibities.

What are check in and check out times?

Check in starts at 2PM, and check out is at 11AM.

Are the bedrooms airconditioned?

None of our rooms are fitted with AC, but the thickness of the Château’s walls means the temperatures in our rooms are cool all year long.

Where can I learn more about meditation?

Simply visit our website page dedicated to meditation.

I’m not sure meditation is for me; do I have to do it?

Meditation certainly isn’t compulsory at Château Zen, but it’s something we truly believe in. If you feel ready to give it a try, let us help you find out how profoundly satisfying it can be.

I’ve never been to a yoga class. Can I stay at Chateau Zen anyway?

Of course you can! Beginners are more than welcome at Château Zen. Whatever your level is, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and are properly guided.

What types of yoga do you teach?

We mainly teach « Hatha » Yoga, and our classes’ content (types of postures) varies depending on the level of participants, as well as the classes- set objectives. Respiration exercises vary similarily according to participants’ levels. Classes usually end with typical relaxation exercises.

What other activities are available at Château Zen? pratiquer?

Given the idyllic surroundings in which it is set, Château Zen offers a wide variety of activities. You can swim in our pool, borrow our mountain bikes, or stroll down to the beautiful Vis River. Check out our ACTIVITIES page for more information.

I’m not a vegetarian – how risky is it to drastically change my diet during my stay at Château Zen?

At Château Zen, we serve fully organic vegeterian breakfast buffets, allowing for a healthy, balanced diet which is perfect for your body. There is absolutely no risk in modifying your diet duuring your stay – in fact it’ll certainly boost your health to go vegetarian & organic for a few days.

I’m a therapist. Can I offer my services at Château Zen?

We’re always open to new ideas and we’d love to widen the scope of services we offer here at Château Zen. If you’re a certified therapist, a Yoga or Tai Chi master, or if you think you have something new and exciting to offer, please do get in touch with us at