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Established between:

CHATEAUZEN©, a limited liability company havingt its head office at Ganges (34190), managed by Jean-Louis Portales

Herein called CHATEAUZEN ©


Any paying resident of CHATEAUZEN© as well as any person accompanying them

Herein called the Client.

All our sales are subjected to the present Sales Terms, except in the case of a formal derogation made by CHATEAUZEN © (special conditions apply). The present Sales Terms are provided to all potential Clients prior to the purchase of any CHATEAUZEN © service. By making a reservation, the Client fully acknowledges and accepts the present Sales Terms.

1. The Madières Castle holiday presentation and booking Website is run by CHATEAUZEN©.

2. The website allows for the booking of bed and breakfast suites as well as of the entire Madières Castle, which is managed by CHATEAUZEN©.

3. Other services may also be booked by the Client via the Website. All services are described on the same website.

4. The Client hereby declares having been provided by CHATEAUZEN© via the Website all information he may require.

5. By making a reservation via the Website, or by telephone or any other channels, including via our partners, our Client fully acknowledges and accepts the present sales terms.

6. Full and unconditional acceptance of the present sales terms intervenes at the time of the booking; no booking can be accepted without this prior acceptance.

7. The Client may save and/or print the present sales terms via his Internet browser and/or personal computer.

8. Our website clearly states the following informations: All CHATEAUZEN© corporate registration documentation required to clearly identify the organization’s name, it’s legal status, it’s physical adress, it’s email adress, it’s landline telephone number, it’s head office adress, it’s fiscal status as well as it’s fiscal ID number, the EU country in which it’s fiscal registration was made, and, if different, the adress of the organization in charge of all services offered by CHATEAUZEN© :
- Main characteristics of proposed accommodation;
- Rates & fares;
- Payment terms and conditions;
- General sales terms
- Validity period for all services proposed, and corresponding rates;
- Minimal contract duration, if applicable.

9. Prior to booking at Château Zen, the Client declares that the booking is made for his own personal needs.

10. As our customer, the Clients is given specific rights which may be withdrawn should the booking have been made for non-personal needs.

11. All information provided on the website is given both in French as well as in several foreign languages.

12. The Client hereby declares that he has the legal status required to commit to the present sales terms.


Herein, the below terms have the following definitions:

« Acknowledgement of Receipt »: Electronic Mail sent by the Website to the Client, stating the booking made by the Client and confirming it has been received by CHATEAUZEN©

« Booking Confirmation » : electronic document listing and describing the services booked by the Client via Internet, and through which the Client may submit his bank account details in order to pre-pay or guarantee his booking. Accepting the Booking Confirmation binds the Client legally to CHATEAUZEN©

« Client »: physical personne acting for his own personal or professional needs, but in no way linked to accomodation-related activities at Château Zen.

« Electronic Mail » : any text- voice-, sound- or image-based message sent via the Internet and stocked either on a remote server or on the Client’s terminal, until the Client receives it.

« Booking »: any Château Zen bed and breakfast suite booking request made by the Client via the Internet or any other communication means, including CHATEAUZEN© Partners.

« Partners »: any third-party service provider accessible via the Website, such as tour operators, car rental companies, railway or airline sales services.

« Online Booking »: the booking of a bedroom at Château Zen via the online booking form provided on the Website.

« Service »: the booking of a bedroom at Château Zen, for which the included services are described on the Website.

« Website »: an electronic service run on the Internet by CHATEAUZEN© and accessible at the following adress:

« WAP »: communication protocol aimed at enabling Internet access via a mobile terminal.


1. The present Sales Terms define the rights and obligations of all parties concerned by the Online Booking of services provided by CHATEAUZEN©.
2. The present Sales Terms apply to all steps required by all involved Parties to make a Booking and monitor the said Booking.
3. The Client hereby ackowledges he has read and accepted the present Sales Terms, accessible on the Website.


1. The present Sales Terms apply to all Online Bookings.


1. The present Sales Terms apply as long as CHATEAUZEN© keeps the corresponding services available online at the following adress:

2. CHATEAUZEN© reserves the right, without prior notice or compensation, to temporarily or definitively close the Online Booking form or the entire Website hosted at

3. CHATEAUZEN© cannot be held accountable for any or all damages resulting from said changes and/or temporary or definitive unavailability of any or all section of the Website, or of any or all of the associated services, such as Online Bookings.


1. The Clients selects the services he wishes to book via the Website.
2. The Client agrees that he has ackowledged the nature and the conditions that apply to the booking of available services described on the Website, and that he has requested and obtained any further information hem ay have required in order to make a fully informed booking.
3. The Client holds the sole responsibility for the choice of services he has made, and for their adequation with his needs, thereby legally ridding ©ChateauZen of any responsibility regarding the same.
4. The Booking is legally considered as accepted by the Client once the Booking process is completed.


1. The Client can make his Booking via the Online Booking form, or via any other remote booking services.

2. The Booking is considered firm once the Booking Confirmation has been sent and accepted, or once the services have been pre-paid online.

3. Prior to any Booking, the Client must provide any and all information required to fully complete the Booking Form..

4. The Client hereby attests the accuracy and veracity of the informations he has been provided with.

5. The Booking Process comprises the following steps:
- Step 1: availibility checking (arrival and departure dates) and choice of a suite and a corresponding room rate;
- Step 2: detailed verification of the Booking, the overall rate, the applicable Sales Terms, and, if required, the modification of choices made by the Client (bedromm, rate) in case of an Online Booking;
- Step 3: the Client provides his contact details;
- Step 4: the Client reads and fully accepts the Sales Terms;
- Step 5: the Client confirms his Booking.


1. The Client’s Booking is confirmed via Electronic Mail by CHATEAUZEN© with the Acknowledgement of Receipt.

2. In the case of an Online Booking, the Acknowledgement of Receipt sent via Electronic Mail states the following : the Booking agreement, the booked services, the corresponding rates, the applicable Sales Terms, the customer service terms and related guarantees, as well as the vendor’s adressa t which the Client may make claims.


For any claimes related to services provided by CHATEAUZEN©, please adress your requests to our customer service, which is open from Mondays to Fridays, between 9AM and 6 :30PM French time, at the following phone numbers and Electronic Mail ID :
Domestic call: 04 67 71 85 38 (landline)
Foreign call: + 33 4 67 71 85 38 (landline)
Mailing address:
Château de Madières


1. In conformity with Article L. 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code (Code de la consommation), the Client recognizes that the cancellation rights as stated in the Article L. 121-20 of the same Consumer Code do not apply if the booked services are to be provided at a specific date or a specific period of time.
2. Booking cancellation or modification conditions are clearly stated in the Sales Terms attached, when applicable, to any service and corresponding rate.
3. Whenever the Sales Terms allow it, Booking cancellations can be made through the above mentioned Customer Service.
4. Prepaid Bookings may in no way be modified or cancelled. Paid amounts will not be refunded. These conditions are clearly stated in the corresponding Sales Terms.
5. In the event of an interrupted stay at Château Zen, the full invoiced amount will be charged. If the stay at Chateau Zen has been fully pre-paid, accordingly, no refunds will be made.
6. Unless otherwise agreed with CHATEAUZEN©, the Client must check out of his room at 12AM on the day of his departure. In the event of a late check out, the Client will be charged the cost of an extra night.


1. CHATEAUZEN© guarantees the conformity of services proposed, as required by Articles L. 212-1 and s. of the French Consumer Code.


1. Although strict efforts are made by CHATEAUZEN© to accurately depict on it’s Website and in its brochure the offered accomodation services, discrepancies may occur, for example in the event of a renovation, or of furniture change. The Client cannot make any claim regarding the same, as long as the said discrepancies do not affect the main characteristics of the service provided.

2. CHATEAUZEN© will not be held responsible for the non-performance or bad performance of their services in the event of an Act of God or due to the actions of a third party, the Client himself or a Partner of CHATEAUZEN©, such as unavailibility of an Internet connection, of the CHATEAUZEN© website, or an outside intrusion, a computer virus, or a non-authorized prepayment transaction.

3. CHATEAUZEN© cannot in any way be held responsible for any and all indirect damages due to the same.

4. CHATEAUZEN© cannot in any way be held responsible for the content of and the services offered by any other Website linked via hyperlink to the CHATEAUZEN©


1. In order to be valid, claims related to the non-performance or the bad performance of any service sold by CHATEAUZEN© must be made in writing within 24 hours from the time of arrival, directly to CHATEAUZEN© or to the Consumer Service (contact details provided above).


1. Rates of all services offered are provided to the Client both prior to the Booking as well as at the time of the Booking.

2. Rates shown are per room and for the number of people staying as well as the number of booked nights.

3. The rates confirmed to the client include all taxes, and are in the commercial currency of CHATEAUZEN© which may in some cases vary from the local currency, and are only valid for the period indicated on the Website.

4. Any and all potential exchange rate costs are to be borne by the Client.

5. Except in the case of special dispositions, all Bookings, wherever they may have been made from, can be paid in the local currency of CHATEAUZEN©.

6. Except if otherwise stated, all services other than the actual room rate (breakfasts, full boarding, etc.) are not included in the rate.

7. Except in the case of a pre-payment which includes the accomodation tax, this tax, indicated for all rates, can be paid directly on site to CHATEAUZEN©.

8. Rates show the VAT applicable at the time of the Booking; in case of a change in VAT, the difference will automatically be applied to the rates.

9. Foreign currency rates are provided as an indicative figure and are not legally binding. Only the rate given in the currency confirmed at the time of the Booking is guaranteed.

10. If the payment for a service is made on site at the time of arrival or departure, and if the Client’s currency differs from the local CHATEAUZEN© currency, due to currency fluctuations, the charged rate may differ from the rate indicated at the time of the Booking.

11. At the time of the Booking, CHATEAUZEN© will provide the Client with the overall amount to be charged for the booked services.


1. Except in the case of a special offer or special conditions, the Client must provide, as a booking guarantee to CHATEAUZEN©, his bank account details. Payments are made:

- With a credit or debit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express), by indicating in the appropriate space the card number (no spacing between numbers), its validity limit date, as well as its cryptogram in the case of a pre-payment.

- With a bank transfer, from the bank account of which the details have been provided at the time of the booking.

2. The payment is debited on site at CHATEAUZEN© during the stay, except in the case of special rates or special conditions, where the charged amount is debited at the time of the Booking (specific rate pre-payment).

3. The use of CHATEAUZEN© gift vouchers is limited to on-site payments at CHATEAUZEN©. In no way can the vouchers be used to pre-pay a service or guarantee a Booking.

4. In the case of a no show (confirmed Booking, absent Client), the Client will be charged the rate of the first booked night on the credit card used to secure the Booking.

5. At the time of a pre-payment, the charged rate includes the cost of accomodation as well as all applicable taxes (see above Article 14.6)

6. In the case of a rate requiring full pre-payment, the payment is made in whole at the time of the Booking.


1. All information provided by the Client at the time of the Booking is required for the successful performance of his Booking, and will be communicated to CHATEAUZEN© as well as its Partners such as the online payment service provider. Without these complete informations, CHATEAUZEN© cannot guarantee Booking.

2. If the Client has performed an Online Booking, and unless the Client has asked otherwise, CHATEAUZEN© reserves the right to send the Client its Newsletter, as well as promotional offers, and a customer satisfaction form atthe end of the Client’s stay.

3. The Client may ask that his personal information isn’t used for prospection. At any time, by clicking the appropriate link at the end of all promotional Electronic Mail, the Client may unsubscribe from said Mail.

4. The Client is informed that his personal information will be electronically processed and that CHATEAUZEN© is responsible of this process.

5. By processing this information, CHATEAUZEN©:
- fulfills its obligations towards the Client
- informs the Client of any special offers and new services provided by CHATEAUZEN©.

6. In all personal information forms, required fields are clearly indicated by an asterisk.

7. As long as it remains compatible with the execution of it’s services as stated in the present Sales Terms, CHATEAUZEN© reserves the right to share the Client’s personal information with third parties.


1. The providing of bank account details, as well as the acceptance of the present Sales Terms consitute an electronic signature, which has the same legal value as a hand-written signature.

2. The electronic registry stored by CHATEAUZEN© are kept in secured conditions and stand as legal proof of communications, Bookings and payments made by the parties.


1. The present Sales Terms are subjected to French Law.
2. Such is the case for all legal and technical rules.


1. The present Sales Terms, the special rate-specific sales terms, and the Booking documents cover the entirity of all obligations binding the parties.
2. No further technical or legal rule communicated by the Client may apply.
3. Contractual bounds are constituted by the following documents, in order of priority, from most to less important: the Booking documents (including special rate conditions), the present Sales Terms.
4. In the event of contradicting information between the Booking documents and the present Sales Terms, the dispositions indicated on the Booking documents prevail.