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An outstanding choice of activities suitable for the whole family or others for those who prefer a higher level! Swimming, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Excursions, Picnics…
Taking a dip in the river will be one of the most memorable experiences of your vacation!

We offer you numerous hikes, providing you with IGN (National Geographic Institute) maps and detailed descriptions. The hikes in the region are suitable for hikers of all levels: some, like that of the Gorges of the Vis, will lead you into the wilderness and open your eyes to a landscape that merits its title as one of the most beautiful panoramic views in France.

While mountain biking, see the region at your own pace and from a different point of view. Visit the local artisans and the markets that are overflowing with local products.
We provide the latest-edition mountain bikes, detailed maps, and refreshing drinks. Laurent, our Workshop Manager and amateur cyclist native to the region, can tell you all about the routes that are best for anything ranging from a family stroll to the most challenging and athletic outings.

We are thrilled to plan some of our best and carefully selected Activities and Excursions for you :

The Cirque of Navacelles has been recognized since 1943.
Only 15 minutes from the Château, it is a natural cirque of the Languedoc-Roussillon region on the southern part of the Grands Causses in the south of France.
It is formed by a bend in the Vis river that cuts into the impressive gorges of the limestone plateau of Larzac to the south (Saint-Maurice-Navacelles, Hérault) and the Blandas plateau to the north (Blandas, Gard). The community of houses of Navacelles, split between the two municipalities and the two departments, is located near the crossing of the river bend and is marked by a beautiful waterfall.

You can also visit the "Cirque of Navacelles" and the nicest spots around with a unique and innovative Discovery tour in Car Cabriolet, departure from the castle.

The Grotte des Demoiselles is one of the six caves in France that have been awarded 3 stars in the Green Michelin Guide.
The Ministry of the Environment has named it a National Landmark and it forms part of the Exceptional Sites in Languedoc.

360o view at:

The Prafrance Bamboo Forest, the only one in Europe.
This over 150-year-old exotic gem is the mecca of Botany, dedicated to the exuberance of plant life.
The Bamboo Grove of Anduze in Gard county houses a collection of more than 200 species of bamboo as well as many sculptures and brings together plant experts and enthusiasts alike to dream up and share their exceptional knowledge!

Taking a kayak down the Vis
There are numerous routes from 3 to 17 km long: Ranging from a fun course for children 6 and older to a sporty circuit through the rapids.

Tours on 4-Wheelers
Give in to the pleasures of riding a 4-Wheeler, feeling completely safe but also experiencing the thrills of the trail and seeing first-hand the landscapes of the Herault valley.