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CHATEAU ZEN | Going Organic
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A truly beneficial vacation should also include healthy, wholesome food.
Our motto, when it comes to food, is “keep it local and organic all the way.”

Christian, our Gardener, is passionate about fruits and vegetables that he grows in the 1200 m2 organic garden that he made himself.
It is watered with water from the Vis, soon to be the number one wild river in France, and nothing but natural fertilizer is used for the land.
Pesticides and other chemical products are strictly banned at the Château.

Furthermore, Christian would love to show you around his garden and offer you a fresh tasting of its bounty. He can also give you very knowledgeable tips on how to choose what to eat and, if you are lucky, maybe even share some of his guarded gardening secrets…!

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Given the mediocre quality of the honey on the market, we have decided that from 2014 onwards, we will make our own organic honey from our own beehives (approx. 30 of them) that are ideally located on the Château’s property thanks to a partner of ours, a professional apiculturist.

Our Chef has selected the best organic vegetarian recipes that have been planned out with the help of nutritionists.
A truly scrumptious culinary delight, our meals and buffets are made on the spot and rely on the fresh produce available in our garden or from our friends, other regional organic farmers.

“Nothing is more beneficial to human health and to the preservation of life on Earth than to go vegetarian.” Albert Einstein.

You will find our commitment to going organic in your Room or Suite as well with organic, natural products such as shower gels, soaps, etc… Also, during your special self-care moments, our team of masseuses will use only natural products and organic essential oils, all with plant-based ingredients.