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Château de Madières / Châteauzen has received the Guest Review Award Winner & TripAdvisor Excellence 2015 & 2016 and is N°1 around Ganges area about our great 2015 & 2016 seasons.

The Madières Castle is set in majestic surroundings, along the ancient Spanish Road, and used to be one of the major Causses and Cévennes sentinel forts.
In 2011, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List – a definite recognition of its historical value.

Also listed as an Outstanding Historical Monument of France, the Madières Castle was first mentioned in the French archives under Philip II Augustus of France in 1181.

Built upon the foundations of the ancient fort, the castle is a vast quadrilateral with 3 V-shaped wings, enclosed within a fortified wall and accessible via a monumental gate.

An inner courtyard and a large stone staircase lead to the bedrooms.
You can enjoy this spot by savoring a cup of tea, relaxing with your favorite book, or simply admiring the beautiful architectural details and the numerous works of art and collector’s items on display.

Two of the three wings were built in the 14th century, and a third, facing south and including the terrace, was added in the 16th century towards the end of the Renaissance era.
The terrace leads to the Guards’ Room that has a spectacular classic fireplace, surrounded by a magnificent suspended balcony lined with bookshelves.
From this terrace that overlooks the valley, you can take in the enchanting views of the Vis River, known as the ‘emerald border’, that separates the town of Madières in two: the Herault county side and our side, belonging to the Gard county.

You will then pass into a stunning glass-covered atrium where breakfast is served.
Prepare to be transported to a medieval world where time has little influence on man or on the elements.

Each room and each corridor resonates with a deep sense of peace; a feeling of calm and enchantment will wash over you as you get to know this unique and unusual castle.

The 4-hectare park boasts a wide variety of Mediterranean vegetation, various plants and flowers and abundant foliage.

Many pedestrian paths allow you to stroll around, making it a perfect place to ease your mind and meditate.

A large swimming pool - Newly heated in 2015 for your confort - and a shallow basin surrounded by wide, open terraces with lots of shade are perfect for cooling off at any time of day.
For your comfort, the wooden deck is equipped with lounge chairs as well as suspended seats.

The yoga platform is right above the swimming pool and offers the most breathtaking views of the nearby cliffs.