Stage yoga et méditation de pleine conscience
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The CHATEAUZEN holiday concept aims to give men and women of the 21st century a groundbreaking approach to vacationing. It aims to bring a new way of thinking, consuming, moving and breathing, all in an exceptional and unique surrounding…

In 2015, the new Team Management strives to further improve its service quality for you to spend holidays in full color and scents.
This year, the pool will now be heated from May to October for your comfort.

This original concept has been crafted by a team of therapists comprising naturopaths, psychologists, yoga teachers and sports and business coaches.

Far from the urban hustle and bustle, in a rich, quiet and natural environment, we’ve crafted a divine, secluded place where you can relax and forget the troubles of modern life.

We cannot deny that the ever-increasing rhythm of modern corporate and family life can take a toll on our health. Stress levels are at an all-time high, and sleeping disorders more widespread, leading to numerous illnesses.

Recent studies show that more than 90% of workers suffer from work-related exhaustion. Via the millenary practice of yoga, learn how to better control your mind, body and spirit. Or you can simply lean back, relax, and unwind like you never knew you could.

Enter a different world for a few days and let yourself get swept away by the enchanting surroundings; forget your everyday troubles and truly live in the moment… Reconnecting with your body is, in fact, possible.

CHATEAUZEN is dedicated to offering an all-inclusive, beautifully intense, deep and holistic vacation experience. You deserve these priceless moments of peace… Let us make them unforgettable!