Stage yoga et méditation de pleine conscience
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Châteauzen is the ideal location to create a unique and exceptional event. The ten acre forest, multipurpose rooms, boutique, massage parlor, heated swimming pool, gym and its labyrinth are all part of the experience...

You can host private events at Châteauzen for :


Celebrate your wedding in this magical place filled with 800 years of history. Create some of your best memories that will remain engraved in your heart. Prior guests Caroline and Ben celebrated in June 2017. (Photo Jos Woodsmith -JOS studio, Portland Oregon USA)

We have hosted more than fifty international weddings and are uniquely qualified to assist in your special event, from organizing ceremonies (officiating) to catering, menu selections, flowers, DJ, musical preferences, lighting, photography and other themed activities. If needed, we can also assist with additional hospitality should your group exceed the Castle’s capacity. Our staff is at your disposal to make your event memorable and exceptional.

Outdoor dinners.

Gala Evening Table

Gala dinner in the Salon

Welcome cocktails on the terrace

Brunch at the pool

Officiating on the deck overlooking the pool

Coktails at Pool House

Photo in the Labyrinth below the pool

LED lighting on the Castle walls

Live Steel Drum accompaniment creating atmosphere for the ceremony

Party room ready for a night of celebration !

Acompagnement au "Handpan". Ambiance Live & Zen extraordinaire et dans l’air du temps pour la cérémonie civile.

Artists creating quick caricature portraits for guests !

Admire the work of professional photographers for weddings at Chateauzen
Jos WoodSmith

Anaïs Armand-Pétrier


SEMINARS : Chateauzen hosts offsite retreats and management seminars. The tranquility of the environment creates an opportunity for bonding and productive strategy sessions. In between sessions, you can easily relax in the serene atmosphere of the Castle.

Lecture in the vault room.

GROUPS : Create any private event by renting the castle exclusively (three day minimum) with up to 34 people.

Pool House party

Pool evening

CLUBS : Chateauzen is the perfect environment for exclusive clubs to meet for a few days to share their passion, be it Harley Davidson, Porsche, Ferrari or other associations.


The castle is available for film production for periods of one week, one month or more. Whether it’s solely accommodations or filming.

Août/september 2013 : Film "Barbecue" by Eric Lavaine, one month hosting: director, producers, actors - Lambert Wilson, Franck Dubosc, Florence Foresti...

Lambert Wilson, Patrice Murciano the Painter and your servant.

Florence Foresti and Camille.

Thank you note from Eric Lavaine

Thank you note from Lambert Wilson

September 2016 : film "Cornelius le meunier hurlant" by Yann Le Quellec, one month hosting: director, producers, actors - Anaïs Demoustier, Bonaventure Gacon, Gustave Kerven.

Anaïs and Bona ...

Gustave Kerven

With Guillaume Delauney !