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CHATEAU ZEN | Workshop
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The first thing that you feel upon arriving at the Château is this extraordinary sensation of Kindness emanating from these stones that are filled with eight centuries worth of history. Each participant is overtaken by these positive waves that encourage Fullness and Joy of Living.

In addition to its open spaces, facilities and the dedicated team, Châteauzen is just the perfect place to participate in workshops carried out by Well-Being and Personal Development specialists.

Live the Châteauzen experience by taking part in the numerous Well-being, Yoga and Personal Development workshops!
To start with, the location: the gorges of the Vis, an incredibly picturesque village, the wild countryside, a river that is fresh and pure, the sun… And let’s not forget the crickets!
The housing: simple, elegant and welcoming, in the outbuildings (Castelet) or in the astonishing Château that is lovingly maintained.

You will be accompanied by our therapists who will be on call throughout your stay to help you fully understand the benefits of your sessions and offer you personalized guidance and advice.
Whatever your choice of workshop, you can always take the time to enjoy various hikes, invigorating swims, our massages or just relax poolside…
A well-deserved sun-drenched break: all for rediscovering oneself and making the most of your vacation days!
The privileged location of the Château, right next to the Cirque of Navacelles (a UNESCO World Heritage site), is the perfect place for relaxing, for inner peace and for reconnecting with and rediscovering oneself.

Included are:
• Access to the yoga platform (outside)
• Access to the 2 practice rooms (for all disciplines) equipped with pillows and mats
• Unlimited access to the Meditation Maze
• Access to the swimming pool
• Access to the Vis River with incomparable waters (soon to be recognized as the number one wild river in France)
• Access to the Mediform Massage Chair:
• Access to the "Bol d’air Jacquier"
• Complimentary access to mountain bikes (subject to availability)
• Access to the library

Well-being professionals: do not hesitate to contact us for organizing your future workshops and sessions with us at

Individual people, we will be pleased to provide you with any information within 24 hours.