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More than a relaxing moment… take care of yourself…

In the massage room with soothing music or under the tent with the soft chirping of crickets, you will enjoy the massage of your choice in a completely peaceful environment.

Our team of masseuses uses natural, organic products. Made from plant-derived ingredients, they guarantee a unique well-being experience.

Our essential oils, especially mild, allow you to continue feeling their long-lasting benefits all day long. 
Their ingredients and their textures provide the skin with a hydrating and toning effect. They purify, nourish, regenerate and soften it.

ZEN DETOX works by warming the muscles with shaping, smoothing and pressing in order to provide sore bodies with neuromuscular relaxation.

SHANTI Based on Ayurvedic medicine, this is a modern version of the Indian massage, whose fluid and dynamic movements provide numerous contrasts.

HOLISTIC MASSAGE Unique to France, it offers rich and varied strokes along the body that retrace the musculoskeletal system of the physique. The sensation is both centralized and wide-spread.

CALIFORNIAN This is a series of long strokes from one end of the body to the other that are soft, smooth and enveloping. Being based on the emotional aspect, it is known to “touch your heart”.

VIOLETISSIMO Alternating between violet-infused body milk, scented oils and aromatic hot towels.

COLD OR HOT STONE In order to switch up the sensations, depending on the season.

SPA/BALNEOTHERAPY Essential in massotherapy relaxation, it promotes a state of psycho-physical relaxation and well-being.

RECOVERY POSITION Laying on your side, perfect for pregnant women, anyone who suffers from lower back pain or those who are overweight.

FOOT RELAXATION From your toes to your knees, take this time for yourself and start off on the right foot, so to speak.

RELAXATION BREAK Self-Massage – Sensory Relaxation – Schultz’s Autogenic Training