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The month of May is the perfect time of year to meet PASCALE TARLE, a true enthusiast of the human being and the way we work.
• State-certified Hiking Group Leader
• Trained in fasting by Gisbert Bölling
• Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor
• Colon cleanse office in Paris
• Licensed in Sensitive Gestalt Massage “S.G.M.” and “Conscious Breathing”
• Trained at the PNL Institute in Coaching and the Emotional Freedom Technique E.F.T.
Our lifestyle and its harmful factors pollute our being.
Fasting is an efficient method of deeply cleansing our body and allows us to therefore re-energize and re-vitalize.

From May 24 to 31
ANNIE DELORD , Mindfulness Meditation Trainer and active member of the Association for the Development of Mindfulness (ADM) , will give you a progressive and structured course on meditation that is accessible to all, regardless of age and physical abilities (meditation can be practiced in a chair or in a position appropriate for each person, in case of special difficulties) .
We work in small groups in a caring and interactive environment.
The trainer leads the group by alternating learning meditation techniques with time for teaching and exchange. She actively participates in the practice.
There is no religious connotation to mindfulness; instead the program is geared towards:
• Managing stress and chronic anxiety
• Preventing relapsing into depression
• Managing impulsivity (tantrums, binge eating ...)
• Insomnia
• Treating excessive perfectionism
• Managing chronic pain
• Managing chronic illness-related distress
• Mindfulness meditation helps us live in the moment, be it positive or negative, in order to reduce stress, anxiety and suffering.
Many scientific studies over the past 30 years have confirmed the physical and mental health benefits of Mindfulness Meditation techniques.

Our Courses in May
Date Activity Leader Website
From 26 April to 03 May 2014 Fasting - Hiking - Yoga Pascale Tarlé
From 24 to 29 May 2014 Mindfulness Meditation Annie Delord
From 24 to 31 May 2014 Mindfulness Meditation Annie Delord

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