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Defined as “natural territories”, the “Causses and Cevennes” remain in the purest form just South the Massif Central in France. For thousands of years, shepherds and their flocks have enjoyed these exceptional landscapes.

The entire region is completely unspoiled and still remains as it was in all its original beauty. The river "La Vis" that flows at the foot of the Castle is recognized as one of the four purest in France.

Its resurgence can be visited at the Moulin de la Foux, one of the most famous hiking trails right beneath the castle.

Swimming in pure water


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, it it was also was cited in June 2017 among "the 15 Great Sites of France".
Located just two minutes as the crow flies from the Castle, this large natural Canyon in France is one of the first touristic panoramic views in the South of France and the most visited in the region.

This geological wonder with its nearly 1000 feet high canyon was created by the river Vis for centuries and is considered a very unique attraction.

THE NATIONAL PARK OF THE CÉVENNES was created in 1970, boats an exceptional Fauna and Flora !

More than 1,500 plant species, consisting of nearly a third of the French Flora.

In Languedoc, 4000 years ago, the Garrigues and Causses were much more populated than today. The many dolmens served as tombs for these people.

Go on a family trip to discover fossils, menhirs and other dolmens.