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CHATEAU ZEN | September 2015
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15 - 19 September 2015, ChâteauZen


Not to be missed !

"Our ability to resist and adapt depends upon our biological, neurological, hormonal, and metabolic balance.And in all of these various forms of balance, breathing is a basic and crucial factor.Any type of therapy should therefore take our breathing into account." — Dr. Louis TEULIÈRES, Immunologist, and Researcher, specialist in chronic infections and metabolic disorders.

We are very pleased to welcome back Dan Brulé, one of our experts and pioneer of the field of Breathwork to share his expertise about conscious breathing !

The purpose of conscious breathing is to free ourselves from negative blocks thanks to breathwork.

Nowadays tendancy is to live in such a rush.
We need to take the time to remember to breathe!

It is the meaning you give to things, not the things themselves that causes stress and suffering. The meaning you give to events matters more than the events.

Would you like to teach your mind to stop attaching or creating meaning, and thus end your suffering?

Using focused awareness and conscious breathing, you can uproot and dissolve negative and limiting thoughts and feelings that block the experience of love and the flow of life force; you can break through to higher levels of consciousness and performance, and even reach ecstatic states of being.

Breath awareness brings to light many unconscious habits and reactions. If you become aware of how you are breathing when negative or painful thoughts and feelings arise, and can redirect the flow of breath at those times,you to prevent or resolve a host of health problems, life challenges, and relationship issues.

Would you like to learn how to breathe in such a way as to feel more energized and alive, more centered and balanced, more relaxed and focused?

Would you like to free yourself of physical, emotional and psychological pain?

Breathwork increases energy and promotes relaxation. It frees us from stress, negative energy and creative blocks. It supports clear thinking, performance, well-being, and happiness.

Breathing Training is now spreading thru the professional and medical world, because it improves physical, emotional and psychological health—which means better performance, higher productivity, and more success.

Why not bring these same benefits to your personal and professional life?

Most people have a theoretical or philosophical understanding of spiritual energy, but this retreat is designed to give you a direct biological, cellular experience of it, and of your own power and potential. In fact, the most sublime, ecstatic states are reached through the breath, which is why so many people use conscious breathing to open themselves to the most subtle and powerful spiritual dimensions. This is an ancient path… We have simply found a modern way to achieve what the masters and saints have been pointing to for eons!

Would you like to learn how to breathe and relax your way to better health and more energy?

Would you like to develop your coaching or healing or athletic or creative skills?

Would you like to explore and develop your breath as a tool, a force, a bridge to healing and growth, in spirit, mind, and body?

If YES... then you are invited to join us at the Chateau Zen in the south of France, Sept. 15-19!

If you would like to sign up today or have more information, please call us on +33 4 99 53 83 03 or email us at!

During this five-day program we will be exploring the most recent liberating discoveries and developments on the Path of Breath Mastery, and practicing the latest exercises, techniques and meditations, Breath as medicine, Breath for peak performance, Using breath to channel emotions in a way that serves and empowers you. The benefits are immediate and permanent.


Tuesday 15 September
10am Welcome Speech 3pm Afternoon Session
1pm Lunch 7.30pm Dinner

From Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 September
8.30am Breakfast 3pm Break
9am Morning Session 3.30pm Afternoon Session
12.30pm Break 7pm Break
1pm Lunch Time 7.30pm Dinner

Farewell speech will be during the dinner on Saturday night.
Attendees are invited to stay on Saturday night at ChâteauZen if they wish and leave on Sunday morning after breakfast. Additional activities such as yoga, chi kung, walks on the riverside, etc... are available during the stay (early mornings).

If you are interested in having a private session during the week, please call Kathy Joachim on to book one. Each session costs 240€.


Conscious Breathing for physical, emotional, psychological, cellular health and wellbeing
The Formula for Transformation & The Principles of Breath Therapy
Breathing as a behavior:combining respiratory physiology and behavioral science
The diaphragm: why is it called a spiritual muscle
Balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
Breathing techniques and exercises in water


The seminar costs 900 € per person / 1800 € for business, excluding accommodation. There are 2 options for accommodation, which are subject to availabilities: 100 € per night/pers. for a shared room and 150 € per night/pers. for a single room. All organic meals included.

For more information, please contact us at +33 4 99 53 83 03 or by email

What to do then?

Sign up today to his conscious breathing seminar. Call +33 4 99 53 83 03 or email !

A good breathing is the essence of a good health !